Knot Bito ~ Minamiboso City Health Tourism Attendant ~ April 15 Reservation acceptance start


–  Healing forest therapy walking to enjoy nature with Kaori Izumi  –

[Plan contents]

       A course of about 3km using the promenade of Obo Misaki Nature Park, which is also a forest therapy base.
       We will guide you through therapy walking in connection with Kaori Izumi, who has a Nantant qualification. The voice of birds and the soil
       The program that "Enjoy the scent, glittering sunbeams, etc. with your five senses" will rejuvenate your mind and body. ※Hel
       What is stourism certification: Adding health care to pleasure of traveling. Health tourism certification is "Travel and Health"
       This is a third-party certification service that objectively evaluates tourism products from a new perspective.

            When it starts at 9:30
            9:30 Hotel lobby group orientation, health check
            9:45 warm-up, preparatory exercises, stretching
            9:55 sandy beach thalassowalk & beach combing
            10:15 Making "the only kaleidoscope in the world" using shellfish and seagrass
            10:45 A Sound Workshop
            11:05 Dual taskwalk (brain activity)
            11:20 Rest at Hammock and forest therapy
            11:45 stretching, health check, questionnaire entry, retrospect
            12:00 Let's learn about SDGs through plastic garbage art exhibition! Seminars (only for applicants)
            ※Please note that the program is subject to change depending on your physical condition and weather.

[Guidance to Customers]

       ・Meeting place: Hotel lobby
       ・Venue: Obomisaki Nature Park
       ・Number of people: 2 to 4 people
       ・Belongings: Drinks, sweat towels, rain kappa (only in rainy weather), easy-to-move clothes and shoes

            ​Empty bags with both hands (such as rucksacks)

       ・ Therapy walking is a basic light rain event, but may be canceled due to weather or other reasons.
       ・Age limit: 3 years old or older
       ・Application deadline: Up to seven days ago
       ・Cancellation fee: 3 days ago | 50 percent the day before yesterday 100% on the day

        ※In case of cancellation due to weather or other reasons, there is no cancellation fee.

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